Did you see the Super Bowl on Sunday?  Did you see the commercials?  I didn’t get to see many because us missionaries were streaming the game online, but I did notice a theme in a few of them:  celebrating fatherhood.  Dove had a commercial, and Toyota had one, but Nissan’s was by far our favorite.

I suppose it’s rare for the media to make a big deal out of fatherhood these days, especially loving, committed dads—but I’m not the best judge.  Mission life hasn’t really been conducive to staying up on media trends.  Still, it seemed like these companies were doing something unique.

Then, after the game, I noticed some celebs were joining in.  Ok, I only saw one (seriously, if it’s not on Facebook, I probably don’t know about it…I promise, when I can afford cable and a newspaper subscription, I will make news part of my life).  Clay Matthews (Go Packers.) posted a too-cute picture of baby Clay III with papa Clay II with the caption #withdad.  It was the cutest.

Let’s continue the trend.  Let’s celebrate our dads.




These dad commercials hit home for me in a particular way because tomorrow marks the ninth anniversary of my dad’s death.  Even though this day has been marked in my heart nine times over, it still doesn’t get easier.  Maybe it never will.

This year, though, I’m going to celebrate, even in the sorrow.  I’m going to be grateful that for nearly seventeen years, I was loved, guided, protected, and teased by a good, hardworking man.  Tomorrow, I’ll drink my coffee black.  I’ll eat a cinnamon bun.  I’ll drive a semi somewhere (ok, that one’s impossible).

If there were two things worth remembering about my dad, besides his love for a choice cuss word and old Westerns, it was his love of people and his belly laugh.  Although I don’t get to experience them anew anymore, his love and laugh helped make me who I am now.  And they taught me two very important lessons:  1) It’s people who matter, and 2) Find joy everywhere.  Tomorrow, and hopefully every day, that’s how I’m going to live.


One of the last pictures taken with my dad.  Of course, he made everyone feel loved.  We’re pictured above with my best friend the night of our Homecoming dance, Junior year of high school.  Notice the bear hug he has on each of us.  He was dad to all my friends!

What are some ways you can celebrate your dad?  What’s your favorite memory with your dad?  If you knew my dad, what are some ways you remember him?  Comment below!


  1. farrisfamilymissiins@gmail.com says:

    My Dad has overcome many obstacles to be the man he is and I wouldn’t be the woman I am without him! Love you, Carrie!

  2. Carole (the other Aunt Carole) says:

    Oh Boy, did I know him!!! I am his youngest sister and he was a wonderful big brother. He, more than once, took me on dates with him when he was a teenager. I guess he loved having me along. He would invite me to ride in the milk truck he ran. I miss him so much and those long phone calls. When Bob & I see a gas truck we “see” Bill and think of him. Bill LOVED family! Thanks for asking us to share, Carrie. The pictures bring tears to my eyes. Great ones.

  3. Eryk says:

    Aw, babe. I burst into tears as soon as I saw this picture. #sigh. I miss him too. I’m so glad I met him before. There isn’t a moment I don’t think about you and I’m so grateful to God for us meeting. You coached me through Clark’s loss. I wish I knew him better, but I take solace in knowing he was there.

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